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Small stone 1-30-12

the author said
through red heart-shaped lips
her silver saucer earrings
clinking like windchimes
as she swiveled her head at us
is a process
it hits you in waves
when you least expect it
you can’t outrun it
even if you cross an ocean
to try to escape it
it will always find you
in search of a way
to sit you down
and make you listen
to loss

Small stone 1-29-12

Thousands of unread pages
sit idle
collecting dust around the edges
inflating the space beyond their covers
worlds of undigested words
they taunt me
with their enshrined stories
told to so many
but not me
do I keep them
clinging to the hope
they have something to tell me
or purge them and move on
to the next tale that reels me in
only to leave me
gasping for more time
on the shore

Small stone 1-28-12

Staring at one facet
of a crystal
too long
it becomes opaque
and clarity reaches
a dead end
I could abandon the rock
in search of better one
or keep it
warm it in my hands
turn it a different way
and see if the light
reveals a fresh truth

Small stone 1-27-12

Pain wants to leave the body
but first it migrates
seeking solace
in dormant recesses
the newly plumbed alleyways
begin to compensate
and a searing ache here
becomes a dull throb there
a wounded animal
trapped by helplessness
tries to make itself smaller
shrink into invisibility
in a corner
in search of release
from a hurt
that no room
or house of bones can contain

Small stone 1-26-12

A bee flits hurriedly
from flower to flower
doing his job
gathering nectar
as if his life depends on it
lingering not too long
on any single bloom
preoccupied with a single focus
he doesn’t notice the sweetness
all around him
deafened by his own buzzing
as real life
gets in the way of living

Small stone 1-25-12

As if blinds
have just been yanked open
letting in too much light
a piece of the past
floods me
in the innocent words
of a stranger
a casual knife to the heart
the ghosts I thought had disappeared
come to life
no one can see them
but me
under the silver sliver
of a shy moon
hanging in the dark sky
of memory

Small stone 1-24-12

Flowers spring open
in their element
but ahead of their time
performing simply as nature dictates
so who is out of step
will the blooms die a late-early death
and have a chance to rebud
or are they doomed
by a premature debut
shining too brightly too soon

Small stone 1-23-12

I sweep my arms behind me
offering the cross
formed by the axis
of sternum
and collar bones
ready to leap with no net
my palms come together
pinkies press into my spine
felt but unseen
as I fold forward
the public part of my heart recedes
as the back chambers
bend and lift
in invisible supplication

Small stone 1-22-12

Matisse, "La Coiffure," 1901

Naked with hope
still dewy from her bath
a woman paints herself
ready for a party
sweeping her mane up just so
after her mask has faded
she sits alone
swaddled in her finery
hair liberated
ready to go nowhere
deflated by ennui
and a broken promise
never made

Sargent, "Nonchaloir," (Repose) 1911

Small stone 1-21-12

Shards of abalone
as delicate as they are wondrous
dull and barnacled on the outside
hidden rainbows on the inside
you just have to look at them
in the right light