Things to dew

I went out to fetch the paper at a normal time today, meaning before it was dark again. I left my PG Tips steeping in a mug on the counter. As I went out onto the front stoop, the surrounding bushes caught my eye. They were covered with little webs glistening with dew. Someone was awfully busy last night! I wonder if webs are often there but rarely so visible. Are they all from spiders? It was rainy yesterday and misty-foggy this morning, so the air was really wet, but the sun was shining in the background. Dew drops had pooled in the webs and on the leaves, sparkling in the light. I went back inside to get my iPhone off the kitchen counter and snap some pics. I’m so glad I did. I like to play with the 3 photo apps I’ve downloaded, Hipstamatic, Instagram and Camera+, seeing the differences that each one can bring to the same shot for someone who will probably never understand f-stops and apertures. So here are some samples.

P.S. My tea got cold, and the kids waiting on the corner for their school bus and the trash man no doubt wondered about the crazy lady in her fuzzy brown L.L. Bean slippers skulking around the hedges, but never mind. Oh, and I still haven’t actually read the paper.

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