I first started exploring yoga as a stressed-out high school student. I had seen a very calm-looking lady in a cute leotard do some poses on a TV program and thought, “That looks nice. I could do that.” In 1983, I bought a paperback book, “Richard Hittleman’s Yoga: A 28-Day Exercise Plan,” and began to play with the less intimidating poses. I took my first class in college and, after graduating, studied at a gym with Tracy Bogart, who eventually opened Triangle Yoga in Chapel Hill. Fast-forward through years of intermittent practice to early 2001, when I found the Raleigh Yoga Center and Jane Barrett. That’s when yoga really began to take root in my life, and I’ve been a dedicated student ever since.

I attended my first teacher training program, with Iyengar instructor Bobbi Goldin, in 2008. While living in the Washington, D.C., area, I studied with numerous teachers in a variety of styles, including at John Schumacher’s Iyengar-based Unity Woods centers in Bethesda and Arlington. I received a 200-hour certification in hatha yoga from Boundless Yoga in D.C., where I taught before moving back to North Carolina in 2011. In June 2014, I completed the 200-hour teacher training course in Purna Yoga with Catharine Eberhart and Bob Maiers at Purna Yoga East in Clayton. I earned my 500-hour certification from the College of Purna Yoga in Bellevue, Wash., in November 2015. I am enrolled in the two-year, 2,000-hour teacher training with the College of Purna Yoga and expect to graduate in June 2018. I’m registered with Yoga Alliance.

In addition to Purna Yoga, I have also been very strongly transformed by the teachings of Matthew Sanford and his approach to adaptive yoga.

(For a list of workshops I’ve attended, click here.)